Suddenly, I live in Illinois

Where do I even begin??

You don’t truly “suddenly” live 900 miles away. There are 18 gazillion steps that need to happen. But man, it sure has felt sudden.

About a month and a half ago, I was job searching - again. For someone only one year out of graduate school, I was dismayed at how many jobs I found that I WASN'T interested in. I was becoming increasingly passionate about my field, and increasingly discouraged about job opportunities. I didn’t want to work in a hospital, but 95% of the job postings were for hospitals. Ugh.

Then, I stumbled upon a posting for a start-up company in Chicago. Within 24 hours of submitting my resume, I was setting up a phone interview. Two days later, I found myself swept up in the excitement of what could be. 

An innovative product.

The chance to be on the ground floor of something.

And then, I saw how much I could be valued. Valued as a dietitian, but also because of my previous work experience. Many potential employers were glad that I wasn't 22 years old, but they didn't really care what I had already done. But this opportunity... they WANTED my experience in public speaking, fundraising and leadership development, and thought that I could actually use it in this job.

A week later, I was on a plane to visit the office for my in-person interview. By the time I left, I was told the job was mine if I wanted it.

My head was spinning. All of this had gone down in less than 2 weeks. My husband and I had talked about leaving Dallas, but were we ready to actually pull the trigger?? 

Sidenote: My husband has an amazing job in Dallas, with some amazing people. How AMAZING is he, to be willing to give that up, and encourage me to follow my passion across the country?!

That was the beginning of September. We shared many tears amidst some rousing high-fives with our friends and community in Dallas. They knew this was an opportunity that we would regret not pursuing.

On October 1st I started work as the Registered Dietitian for dailyServing, from Dallas. I worked on my couch in my pajamas, amidst a growing pile of boxes for a week and a half, as I began to understand what my work life would look like.

Sidenote: I don't recommend joining a start-up remotely. All of you reading might have known that intuitively, but it took me actually living it to get it. Start-ups are better experienced face-to-face.

I woke up Sunday October 12th a Texan. Thanks to a short plane ride, by lunchtime I lived in Illinois.

For now, my professional energy will be spent talking about, promoting, and developing some amazing functional food products. But I’ll be checking in on my clients, and eventually maybe even developing a practice here in Chicago.

Stay tuned. Things can happen quite suddenly.


Katie Goldberg

Katie Goldberg, MCN, RDN, LDN, has been a registered dietitian since 2013, but has always had a passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle. Katie earned her Master’s of Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has worked in private practice, higher education, in a clinical setting, and as an in-house dietitian for a food company. Whether it's at through large groups or one-on-one, Katie enjoys connecting people with easy and practical solutions for better health.