Dry Goods and Social Media

I mentioned last week that I had the chance to dream a little about an all-dry goods line for dailyServing. Below are some mock-ups that I made. One of the fun aspects was playing around with flavors. We want the product to be clean, simple, real food. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can see papaya (on the left) tossed in cayenne and ginger, and baby pineapple dusted with turmeric. Yes, it resembles bacon. No, it does not taste like it! I think they have great "curb appeal" as well as being delicious. The verdict from the office? Let's just say that I gave more than a few stern looks to avoid all the samples from being consumed by US and not prospective vendors :)

In addition to the flavor profile, I also re-calculated the nutrition information for the all-dry line. The goal was to keep the overall calories and sugar content comparable, and to ensure we didn't lose any key nutrients. So much of the product is nutrient synergy, and I have to make sure that we're not compromising that in our creativity. 

Another highlight from the past week has been brushing up on my social media skills and connections. As I've begun to reach out to local dietitians and get more feedback, I've spent a lot of time following, reading, learning, commenting and listening to what others are saying. I almost felt like I was at FNCE (Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo - our professional conference each year), thanks to Twitter. There are SO MANY amazing people representing the profession, and it's exciting to hear about profound conversations and the latest research.

What types of things would you like to see on our social media pages? What makes you get excited about a company? What makes you trust them?


Katie Goldberg

Katie Goldberg, MCN, RDN, LDN, has been a registered dietitian since 2013, but has always had a passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle. Katie earned her Master’s of Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has worked in private practice, higher education, in a clinical setting, and as an in-house dietitian for a food company. Whether it's at through large groups or one-on-one, Katie enjoys connecting people with easy and practical solutions for better health.