Jicama Berry Salad

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts. I just successfully completed my first semester as an adjunct professor. Those summer classes are tough on the teachers, too, not just the students!

This is a little late in the game for the holiday, but thought it was worth sharing. I enjoy a nice patriotic dish, but how many flag cakes can you really have?? Instead, I went for a simple but classy fruit salad that brings out the red, white, and blue.

The simple ingredients - jicama, strawberries, blueberries with lime juice and mint as a dressing.

The simple ingredients - jicama, strawberries, blueberries with lime juice and mint as a dressing.

If you've never cut (or bought) a jicama before, it's really quite easy. I start by cutting off the top and bottom to make a nice flat surface.

Then I use a vegetable peeler to work my way around. I find that it works best to move from north pole to south pole, not around in a circle. You can also just use a knife for this part as well.

Then I cut slices about the thickness of a medium blueberry. Since I didn't really need the entire jicama, I cut off the rounded edges and saved those for another use (snacking!), and worked with mostly squared pieces.

Once you've got that part done, you continue to cube up the jicama, with pieces about the size of a medium blueberry.

Rinse both the berries. The blueberries are easy - throw them in whole. I cut my strawberries into pieces about the same size as the blueberries. I enjoyed the uniform size of the fruits when I went to eat it. 


Once you've got the fruit in a bowl, squeeze a couple of tablespoons of lime juice over the fruit. Of course, you can use fresh limes (maybe 1-2), or just use the store-bought stuff.


Add some finely chopped mint, and you're done! This time of year, the berries are so sweet, that I don't need additional sweetener. But a tsp of sugar or honey would brighten it up if needed.


Delicious! It's light and refreshing - and patriotic :)


Katie Goldberg

Katie Goldberg, MCN, RDN, LDN, has been a registered dietitian since 2013, but has always had a passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle. Katie earned her Master’s of Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has worked in private practice, higher education, in a clinical setting, and as an in-house dietitian for a food company. Whether it's at through large groups or one-on-one, Katie enjoys connecting people with easy and practical solutions for better health.