I believe in working together to find an individual and realistic approach to nutrition that fits within your lifestyle, schedule and goals. This isn't a diet, but rather a realistic, sustainable lifestyle change.

If you’re looking for someone to help you find a happy healthy weight, make peace with your body and overall feel better, you’ve come to the right place. Together we will work on setting goals, skill-building, and problem solving for long-term success.

I take a non-diet approach to health and wellness for people managing chronic health concerns, with a specific passion for women who are going through major life milestones and transitions (e.g., new career, marriage, pregnancy or postpartum).

Want to be sure if I’m the right fit for you? Check out my FAQs or schedule a free discovery call.

Sometimes, you are in need of quick triage or a chance to pick the brain of a professional. I get that, and that’s what the a la carte individual appointments are for. But for most of my clients, they are seeking long-term, sustainable changes and get the most benefit from a long-term relationship. That’s where the packages come into play.

Each package is slightly different in terms of the level of support and one-on-one sessions. But no matter which package you choose, all clients will:

  • be empowered to make healthy habits in a long-term sustainable way

  • increase confidence to choose the right foods, vitamins and/or supplements

  • free yourself from the guilt based on “shoulds”, misconceptions and changing research

  • learn to trust your body’s hunger and fullness cues, as well as cravings and aversions

  • know how to handle the chaotic / exceptions in life, like business travel, holidays, last-minute change of plans and illness