It’s one of the most exciting times in life. And - real talk - also one of the most chaotic. Somehow the excitement and overwhelm doesn’t change whether this is your first go around, or you’re a mom of many. Pregnancy is a time for harnessing courage and strength and being empowered - after all, you are literally creating life.

You probably have a lot of questions about what to eat, what to avoid and how to manage nausea or constipation. “Is fish good or bad?" Will the benefits of the omega-3s outweigh the risks of the mercury?” Or maybe you’re dealing with new restrictions or aversions, or appetite changes.

Girl, I’ve been there.

Stop Googling all your questions. If the onslaught of information has only served to erode your confidence, we should talk. If you’re looking for someone to help you find a happy healthy weight, make peace with your body and overall feel better, you’ve come to the right place. Together we will work on setting goals, skill-building, and problem solving for long-term success. We’ll work together to help you prioritize your own nutrition and activity goals so that you can get back to the rest of your life.


I offer a variety of packages, ranging from a few foundational check-ins throughout your pregnancy to the ultimate comprehensive, get-you-through-it-all option.

While the packages range in amount of one-on-one time and support, whichever option you choose, you will:

  • increase your confidence to choose the right foods, vitamins and/or supplements

  • learn how dietary needs change during pregnancy, including which foods to avoid

  • free yourself from the guilt based on “shoulds”, misconceptions and changing research

  • practice intuitive eating and listening to your body’s needs during pregnancy

  • understand how intuitive eating and mindful eating play a role in pregnancy

  • trust your body is amazing and view the physical changes as part of the process to bring forth life

  • maintain health through morning sickness, fatigue and changing food preferences

  • know how to handle complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

  • learn how to preparing for breastfeeding and postpartum needs

Comparison Chart for Packages

Still not sure if I’m the right fit for you? Check out my FAQs or schedule a free discovery call.